About Him

Dr. Srinivas completed his Ph.D. from IISc Bangalore and post-graduation from IIT Kharagpur. In the past he worked for various automotive and tractor industries and has over 20 years of Research & Product Development experience. His research areas include Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in Product Design, Data Science in Product Design (Automotive Product Development), Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO), Automotive Safety and Impact Engineering, IC Engines Electric Vehicles and Bio-Medical Implants. His work resulted in 10 international conference publications, 32 peer reviewed journal/technical papers (in SAE, Taylor and Francis, Elsevier, and Begell House publications) and one US Patent. He received more than 7 best performance awards and one patent award for his contribution in the areas of new Product Design and Development. In his previous roles, he was responsible for developing various vehicle and power-train systems and sub-systems. Presently, he is responsible for developing the frameworks, technical case studies on Product Development and processes for Technical Capability Building (Automotive Product Development) and Technical Assessments (Auto, Farm and Powertrain) of MRV Engineering Leaders. He is active as a judge in various SAE competitions and a reviewer of manuscripts pertaining to international automotive Conferences and Journals.